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if I open up comissions, will you buy them? 

4 deviants said no cause I has no monies Xd
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TUC app: Truss Ashford (Captian) by ShadersHQ
TUC app: Truss Ashford (Captian)

Younger Truss --->TUC: Truss Ashford by ShadersHQ TUC app: Truss Ashford (Edited 2) by ShadersHQ

Bullet; Red Name: Truss Ashford

Bullet; Red Gender: Male

Bullet; Red Age: 2.4 years old 

Bullet; Red Class: New Age

Bullet; Red Career/Job: Guard (Captain)

Bullet; Red Items

Beast Hook- A special Heavy sword specifically design to take care of Cave beast, it is made out of centered Iron and Steel blades, but its most powerful point is the Blue rare Catalyst ore made of super tough crystals and metal that is very hard to weld into the blade to replicate an axe tip. The weapon is very heavy and is slow around swinging. But once that swing hits you, expect broken ribs. Or worse an impalement through the tip. NOTE: Truss Would Never want to use this on a TUC  Character as he believes the weapon is too brutal to be used against his own kind for enforcement. 

Bullet; Red Scars: A cut resides from his shoulder blade after a nasty fall from a top of a waterfall. Has a small claw mark on his back from a training accident. Has several stab marks located on his back from a Recon mission falling against a Bush of sharp crystals from retrieving medicine with Chloe. Has A scar acrossing his left eye from a training accident. 

Bullet; Red Personality

Adventurous - he loves to run off through the city, trying to be an explorer of his own without supervision. Whenever their is a place none else has gone, except him to be their. 

Brave- to his best their is no villain he is scared of, somethime though fear can get over him. Although he is afraid of spirits and ghost after all for a little child but he presses forward. Another thing that scares him is if he is being overpowered by a foe he knows he cannot comprehend.

Humerus- like to be positive around life and things around him. Want to make people feel better by trying to be funny, especially around girls. 

He isnt the kind of guy who would wait around all day for someone or something. He also doesnt like to stay in one place for too long. 

Bullet; Red Biography


His mother died months after his birth and carries on as an orphan towards the city. He never really had a father but always looked up to the people around him as role models, especially the ancient cats that he heard so much in the stories. After hearing about the legend of The Jet Bladesman, he ventures out to become a hero of his own by putting on a scarf and carries out task around the town to gain money to buy things for his adventure gear like the slingshot and the bag. From their he took a chance to leave the place and look around through the caves. from their he brought along some friends and inspired other kids to do the same. even though he lived a parent less life he was happy to be born. He took a ride along the fast stream rivers, got a glimpse of the lower caverns. And caught conversaions of a roaming blacksmith who gave him a few crystals and a book on basic construction. 

But then their was a time when he was cornered from a set of bandit or guards, he could not tell who they were but he causesd a mess of trouble after dropping a small bomb in their nesting ground and preventing them from hurting other ferals in the area. He was at the tip of the waterfall and as afraid as he was he still held up his guard and used his slingshot to fire one of them in the eyes. Making the feline missed and jab his shoulder. From their is how he fell off the platform and into the waterfall below. At the end he was saved by a guard who noticed him falling from the sky. He was very lucky to survive and became a bit traumatized from being cornered by powerful foes several times his size. But as soon as he was hospitalize and checked for wounds. The guard appoint to the Parliament and asked him who his mentor was. He said he never had one and he ordered the guard to get him cleaned up and get paired with the Soothsayer. 

Ever since as a kid he wanted to be a hero, and when he was saved by a guard he couldnt help but try to be as brave as them. 


As a child he was trained by Maya Long , a Female Captain of the guard who was one of the strongest fighters in the city and descendant of the Jet Blade. She trained him and four other the ways of being a true soldier of the city and the key points of being a leader. Truss was the youngest member on the rookie division and constantly fought against the bigger kids. For over a year he stood inside the walls training, fighting, learning in the liberary on tactics and history of known techniques to survive in the dark caves. Maya also taught him how to properly use a sword as well as throwing blades and using bombs. But his real profession was weilding a Bow which he learned naturally with his friend  Sherry who is a hunter that taught him how to use it from the very beginning. 

Within the age of his initiation and given his rank and Lieutenant, Maya began to grow seriously ill with a heart problem. But she hid it away from the city to prove that it was nothing serious. She even threatened to hurt the Soothsayer is he said anything. But in a training session their was an incident and a fight broke out between a set of bandit and civilian tradition cats. They joined in and Truss got his first blood in battle. Maya's heart started to fail again and dropped. 

In the events of this Truss lost sight of that memory and never found the truth of that answer, possibly due to amnesia he had when he woke up from the hospital. Maya's Body was found deep under the cave rubble. 

Even though he is a ranking guard he still has yet to see any action and his mentor died shortly after his Armed Ceremony. He is now a rookie in the long Range division. Even though he has a dorm, sometimes he will disappear and go towards his old home he created around the caves with a hidden entrance. trying to keep his inner child alive and spending time with Chloe through training. 

Senior Rankings

After many battle against terrifying enemies and being reunited with his long lost friend Sabine, he started to find foes that were much tougher than he could have ever imagine and one that almost put everyone he knew into jeopardy. He Broke his arm as well as his sword during the battle against TOPAZ again who he once thought was gone for good and came back. After much pleading he gained the favor of Lilith who was once the Captain of the guard to train him into using the Battle axe but in order to wield such a weapon he would need one of his own to forge and one that would match his own style. So then he went on a quest with a few friends including Sabine to go into uncharted territory and search for a powerful Ore called a Catalyst Stone, a material that was so tough it can chip crystals.

 After searching through a poisonous gas region and filtered using Oscars, makeshift gasmask, they were able to properly retrieve the ore and send it in to Umaki who spent weeks trying to make a weapon that would be properly built to not only hold the Catalyst Ore but also be able to penetrate it super strong hide. Finally Umaki created the  Beast hook, a weapon design to take down Cave beast and as much as Umaki likes the weapon to be used as a defense, truss will only use it against large foes, but never against his own kind or Traditional claiming the blade is too Brutal to use and is a pointless weapon to carry. It is ungodly heavy and makes him slow, from the first few days of training, he couldn't so much as get it off the ground swinging.  He trained hard with her and she didnt give him any breaks through it either, once he was able to swing it, they went into battle training, as much as he was in defense she still had the upperhand in a powerful weapon fully made of Catalyst ore when his was only made of a Tip comparable to a pickaxe. 

Three months has passed and he began to master the basic of heavy weapons handling, but during his training Lilith lashed at him by accident in the eye and was blind for five days, fortunately it healed back but left behind a scar. For what is better he finally was made a Captian of the guard, a full protector of the city and wielding a Shoulder Crest in the shape of a Hawk. 

Bullet; Red Relationships:
Paw Bullet (Black) - F2U! Sherry Bellintine (deceased)

Bullet; Red Hate
tUC: Neal Dhami Application
Bullet; Orange Distrust
Bridget Abernathy
Bullet; Yellow Uncertain -
 Sasha Moravollo Reference just met her down at the Laval tunnels Shop for special Metals and armor repairs

Bullet; Green Friends
Sabine Traonce TUC Application
 TUC Application-Umaki Hyuuga 
Greyson Rivers (The Underground City)

Bullet; Blue Family
Bullet; Purple Crush-
Bullet; Pink Love-  Chloe Rolf ref sheet  Meet her during training as children, After being reunited from Getting medicine or the city, he has full trust in her ability not only as a hunter. But a independent friend as well. He owes her his life from that day. Although he has a hard time to admit it....
Bullet; Black Respect: 
tUC: Lillith Hushrine App

Traditional Class:

NOTE: The numbers represent the sequence in the timeline order starting one as the first story of the series for Truss. 

Bullet; Yellow||Bullet; Yellow Neal Dhami


      RP in Progres s

Bullet; Yellow||Bullet; Yellow Sasha Moravollo


     Sasha's Shop

New Age Class

Bullet; White||Bullet; WhiteIlana Carrol: Soothsayer


     Rp in progress

Bullet; Yellow||Bullet; Yellow 
Chloe Rolf


 Quest for Medicine


None yet

Bullet; Red Roleplay Example:

He stand in the middle of the cave alone, looking around hoping to find his way towards the lost diamond falls and meet up with his friends.

He was on duty, given a break and has to be back within 3 hours. But he wanted to see his friends who are going to take a nice swim in the mineral water.

He let out a yawn holding his tail high so the light could be clearer from the dark areas of the tunnel. trying to find the blue markings he made to help him find his way

 He leaped over hearing the clang of metal against his upper chest armor and sword carry on.

Rocks pelted against him and looked up seeing the cracks above. He took a mental note and wanted to report back to inform them about that. Then as he took afew more steps he heard footsteps, many from his ears and at first he thought it was just people using the same tunnel system as he was. but his tension was more alert just in case

 Then he saw red light, a sight of a four footer perhaps? (tradition cat) They were making loud sounds like they are lost or making their way but at the same time he heard more clanging metal. possibly armor or weaponry hitting the ssde of the walls

 He took precaution, he pulls an undercloth from the bottom of his backpack and hid his tail to hid the glowing fur

Then he pulled out his sword, "alright Truss, remember your not here to get into a fight...just need to" he snuck around from the sound and the glowing red

 hid his back against the corner and looked, seeing what he thought, Tradition cats.

"Get back here!" he heard, thinking they where trying to chase soomeone. And act on violence. Should he proceed, he clinched as the cat flailed over, "I gotcha!" he heard a squeal and turned around.

 "stop where you are!" he aimed at them and raised a brow when he saw two kids who seems to have caught a mouse. They stopped in their tracks scared and backing away.

 Truss sighed, "kids..." he sheathed his sword, "what the heck are you two doing this far in the tunnels? Its dangerous"

 They stood back, "we didnt- whoa!" the mouse ran away, "hmm leave it to a guard to ruin al the fun" Truss gave out a pout, thinking back when he said the same thing.

"Truss pointed towards the Exit, "follow the yellow flags, Go home, its dangerous this way" he ordered them, "Get!" he snarled and they ran off. "sigh right, alright now to find a messenger system"

Loading... With Shaders (recoded) by ShadersHQ With Shaders (recoded)
NOTE: Just realize it aint working 


1. you must present your name when coming in, given 3 minutes without a reply will end up getting you kicked out. Sorry its  a closed set ^^ 

2. No commissions Unless I offered it out, and I definitely will not do MLP or anything in reference to it. 

3. I dont do charity offers, especially when Im already working on something. 

Hello everyone! This will be were I will open up my Join me sessions!

Right now this is a test to see how thing get together and working away from the journal page. 

Does everyone like the picture! :iconflashpelt1: made it! 

Thanks alot for the commission, was worth the money!

Session Code :
Working on:  new app update

if I open up comissions, will you buy them?
4 deviants said no cause I has no monies Xd
2 deviants said yes!
1 deviant said possibly later
it feels like the deviation updates are 3 hours slow today O-o
1 deviant said Im having the same problem
No deviants said huh? weird I dont have that issue
App update coming soon by ShadersHQ
App update coming soon
I got bored with the app so I am currently reconstructing him in Captian armor, Yes the feline finally got promoted!! 

So to know what I am talking about it is this TUC app: Truss Ashford (Edited 2) by ShadersHQ

It will be updated soon with many surprises added onto it. But you will have to wait ^^ as well as a totally new weapon with the training from Lilith

resting today.

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 18, 2014, 8:48 AM
Very very tired today due to the weather change. Going to bed till I'm good and ready to draw tonight. 

My workers told me I wasn't getting much sleep and will end up messing up on the job if I don't. So today I'm hitting the bed first thing after work. When I feel better I will open up a


Underground City App Creations Anthro or Feline
Truss Teenage Version by ShadersHQ
With ease Will create an App for you to add into your application and perform in the story of :iconthe-underground-city: 

Note: all points will be donated to the group for a super
Anthro Feline Artwork
Quest for Medicine /W/ Story by ShadersHQ
Soothsayer Llana in the Spirit Pool by ShadersHQ
Why Hello their.... by ShadersHQ
Mapleshade, The Controller of Darkness by ShadersHQ
With a free extra friend along the way will draw a set of anthro feline characters with a background and detail. 

Will make exception to Hybrid

Warning: will reject anything that is Very Complex
Lanscape background and Effects
Catalyst Creations web fill by ShadersHQ
A walk with an equal 6 by ShadersHQ
10255188 10201493119718131 9157231976871366312 by ShadersHQ
Glaive Vs Sephiroth Grey Scale Project Backgro by ShadersHQ
10014431 10201416333718529 5795096707460104018 by ShadersHQ
a background of your choice, Provide a descritpion of how you want the landscape to look, and a basic concept would greatly help. 

Also if you already have a drawing and wish to add some affects to it I can give it a whirl or your money back guarantee. Perfect for you to manipulate and add your own drawings into the picture.  I will even provide the PSD document to manipulate it yourself. 


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