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OASIS: Vector Louralclyde by ShadersHQ OASIS: Vector Louralclyde by ShadersHQ
One of two of my characters for the audition of :iconoasis-oct: hope you enjoy this Bio, they actually look much better in the manga believe me. 
Here is his Partner OASIS: Annabell Brightstar by ShadersHQ

Name: Vector Louralclyde 

Age: 29

Element: Lightning (adept) 

Contrast: Shadow

Species: Catalyst Feline (Zangerfang) 

Weight: 67 pounds

Height: 3' 8"

Gender: Male

Birth Place: Tasogare Vells, Stream Line City 

Guild: Zaber Guild

Personality: He is arrogant and low tempered, but he always puts his friends first through most situations. After seven long years of training with teachers by focusing magic through weapons and instruments he found a liking into making music course with rock and roll. Through his talking he says terms and puns about music. He is impatient about a mission and gets frustrated whenever he has to wait for something to get done. Often the rude one too as he always seems to be the first on in a conversation to full the fire for a fight. Through times being partnered with Annabell she lectures him and keeps him straight from making bad decisions seeing his choices are never the smart ones unless it course through shier violence. His attitude changes when he sees on of his comrades Knockout and goes on a rampage for the target. 


He is a heavy Mid Range Fighter with the extension of his Z-guitar

His Guitar is able to change various shapes, the "V" at the end can rotate for other abilities

The Guitar is Elementally powered as the outer shell is made of steel

Capable of lifting up to 135lbs 

His EMP (ELEMENTAL MULTIMEDIA PHANTOM) Player Gives him Amplified Control over his Guitar for Special selected Abilities

He knows Hand to Hand Combat

Able to Perform Lightning Magic with his fist

"Monochrome" Is an ability that creates distortion towards the opponent using intense sound waves 

"Rhapsody" A storm of lightning bullets towards the direction of the sound

"Record Breaker" The V on his guitar spins to the point it looks like a saw blade and smashes the ground or the opponent with a Barrage explosion of electricity


If the enemy is fast or far away from him, their is little he can do until he chases you down

With the removal of his guitar, his defense is Much More open

He is Afraid of Ghost and spirits

He does Not know how to swim

Loud Hi Frequency sounds drives him nuts to the point he freezes

Has removed ribs Below his right lower abdominal (due to an injury), leaving his kidney and organs soft and exposed

Without the guidance of his partner, he is clueless of what to do and goes random thinking on his own

Get easily motion sick

Using Magic without his instrument can cause him to inflict pain on himself and force more magic than necessary to weild

Using Magic Convergence is the same as his own life energy, using too much will make him grow tired and hungry 

He relies too much on his weapon than his own skill

Breaking his strings will prevent him from playing music and performing certain abilities like "Rhapsody" Or "Monochrome" 

"Record Breaker" Uses Most of his magic and doesnt walk away without getting himself hurt in the process, He will grow weak and tired after using it. 

The guitar Grows hot after being used with magic several times, if it reaches its limit it becomes useless for a short amount of time to cool


After getting his high school diploma at the age of 19 (got held back due to bad grades), He went off to work as a common electrical construction man for four years, clearing out rubble and collecting junk parts to sell to the public. He did not know what to do with his life and he was up to no good, he held a common disability from magic users who cannot properly wield magic well and needed a tool to properly amplify his power. If he used it without a tool then his power will backfire and hurt himself, still he did not let this limit him as he took a job into a mob business as common goon who fought against the police of the city. He loved the job as they have paid him well to go against the feds. Yes in his passed he played as a bad guy until he broke into a home and got shot with an AEB- Carbine (ANTI ELEMENTAL BULLET) in the stomach by a woman protecting her three children, Piercing through his back and left behind by the other goons. 

He got arrested by the Feds after being hospitalized removing fragments of his ribs and stitching his cut organs which took a full 8 month recovery in the prison hospital. Once they have interrogated him and were told of the crimes he committed h began to think about what he has done. Seeing those children frightened behind their mother opened his eyes of what he had become. A week has passed during the interrogation they came to a deal that if he talked and complied the bosses of who hired him to try to commit the crime he would get it easy an sentence to prison for only 2 years. Clearing his recorded of attempted murder, breaking and entering, assault and battery, and conspiracy of government intelligence. He accepted the deal and admitted in trail, thus taking out all the felons who corrupted the city. 

He spent his time for the next two years in prison to condition himself of what he has done, he even went to church and gave his life to Eclipse (their universe's god of Convergence), working out his entire time and beating up thugs using only his fist and dirty tricks. Once he was out he felt like a changed man. He didnt want to commit crimes anymore but his reputation was shot to the floor for hire in any jobs out their. 

At he age of 26 he sat at the park holding onto his bible on Eclipse asking to help him with his struggle, it was night and he started drinking Jupiter (an Alcohol drink) as someone bumped into him and started to growl and pushed the man. He apologized but double turned to see a badge of the LiveStream Guild far north fom Tasogare. He stopped him and asked were he came from, the strange man laughed and asked to join him for a drink. He joined them with other upon what they do and how they joined up. 

He became interestd not because they were able to fight and do something for hire but also because they do it for good causes, saving lives, and helping others with people who wouldn't leave you behind. It wasnt long till he joined up with the Peacekeeper tourney and was given training to become a traveler. His Mentor was a Prestige Personnel name Feral, a wind element user who taught him how to better control his convergence and fitted him with a tool. 

Few years training with him and given trust to his oath with the peacekeeper treaty, he was rewarded with a proper weapon for his graduation as a Forenger, a custom blade in the shape of a guitar crafted by Mizube military. After the loss of their LiveStream guild their was the building of the new Zaber guild. 

Rock and roll Music
Radio Contraption
Bass guitars
Action Comic books
Anime shows
Wrestling shows
Meeting Celebrity girls

Being defeated
Harm of others
Cliff Hangers 

His favorite Actor is Agent Gaiga suta who stars in "SGT Dawn Street" as one of the secret agents of Gold Claw 900
He imitates puns and things off the comic of Music Man who is a cybernetic soldier who idolizes him.
Has a hidden crush for Annabell seeing he always agrees with his wrongs coming from her.
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EnderJG Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A match between him and Alexia would be pretty freakin' epic XD   I had no idea there was another music/magic based instrument character before I submitted Alexia, haha.
ShadersHQ Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I actually had no idea either! that is so awesome, after your comment I took a look and heck she was their! Oh the possibilities these will go. Two matched up foes against each other in a musical bang! I can think of it now right now!

Please send me a link to your intro when it out!
EnderJG Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha will do, in the meantime theres another OCT im in right now thats in round 4, you should checkout some of the rounds shes been in already XD
ShadersHQ Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure thing, I could make good notes of the character background from that. 
housefullofup Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Are the strings on the side with the handle or the side with the slant?
ShadersHQ Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see the confusion with the opposite illusion of the guitar XD (poor refference) the real base is up at the top right hand corner of the picture were its away from the handles to make room to hold it like a weapon XD hope that clear things up 
ShadersHQ Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To be honest this is the firs time ive dealt with drawing guitars XD, But its by the handle side ^^ 
TotalDestruction101 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Interesting guitar ;) 
Good job! :)
ShadersHQ Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, just wait till you see them in action ^^
TotalDestruction101 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Student General Artist
You're welcome~
DuskRipper Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist
Wow great work.
The pose is awesome :D
And i like the expression.
ShadersHQ Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
why thank you good friend,  the bio has been updated as well 
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